Photo by    Puspa Lohmeyer   .

Photo by Puspa Lohmeyer.





Territory Magazine is the first moderne journal of the southwest. We celebrate the art and design, style, architecture, landscapes, cuisine, culture, heritage, travel opportunities and unique lifestyles within our unrivaled regional west borderlands, in a curated and refined light. 


Territory Magazine holds the keys to the Moderne West. We are the first of our kind; an annual lifestyle print publication and digital destination that manifests as a journal, rooted in the southwest. Our foundation is a love for heritage, authenticity and sense of place. A vision established in 2015 by creative natives, who call Tucson, Arizona home.

We acquaint inhabitants and explorers with the region and borderlands, in a beautifully refined and design-forward display. Territory Magazine is a place for the cultivation of collected stories; photographs and imagery; of the special people; places and objects featured in the areas of architecture, art, design, style, history, culture, cuisine, and travel. We are committed to inspire and unite these elements in an authentic + soulful voice, that encourages a quality of life here, and sets the visual appeal high for what our region has to offer. Territory prides itself on the traditions, dwellers, landscapes and unique aesthetic of the southwestern borderlands. Its depth is ancient, original and timeless.

We offer you the keys to unlock your own personal pilgrimage. Be still, flip through our pages, and feel the wide open spaces of the Moderne West. We hope you will have a love affair with our carefully-curated journal. ISSUE NO. 02 IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE HERE!

THE 10 T's

1 / Territory is the moderne journal of the southwest.

2 / Territory is the gift of giving authentic stories of our heritage, in a curated and refined modern light.

3 / Territory is an ancient love that will never be outgrown.

4 / Territory is a home for those who search for soul and depth within their view of creativity and place.

5 / Territory is a life well lived, through the slow experience and simple things. The philosophy of quality over quantity. Timeless style and substance.

6 / Territory brings the beauty of the borderlands and all that it has to offer to the forefront, in a positive light.

7 / Territory is proud of its Southwest and the people within it, past and present. We revive the family traditions taught to us by our ancestors.

8 / Territory is a movement for the imagination, a wealth of knowledge and homage based on all elements that make up our indigenous lifestyle.

9 / Territory is taking the time to see beauty in everything around you, the short and sweet moments in life that bring simple joy and significance.

10 / Territory is a pathway for the never-ending wanderings of adventure, curiosity and discovery in our wide-open landscape.