Few things in this world can guarantee a great day like a solid morning ritual. This simple daily act can help you set the tone for your entire day. Try not to check any social media networks or email until after you take the time for these steps.

1. Welcome the sun: 
Yes I know, that’s early, but there is something pretty magical about the sun whispering good morning to you as it crests the horizon—especially in the quiet that only seems to occur at dawn. In that moment, it feels as though the world is yours.

2. Take a moment to be thankful:
While you let the sun wash over your soul, take some time to gives thanks for the abundance in your life. Meditate on all that you have, even the challenges, and the door to abundance will swing way open. Start with being thankful for waking up and see where the energy takes you.

3. Set the tone for your entire day: 
Journal about your feelings and how today is going to be fantastic. What’s your mantra? Say a few affirmations:

I choose to have an awesome day.
My possibilities are endless.
I have unlimited potential.
I allow abundance to flow to me effortlessly.

4. Quick yoga/stretch session: 
Move your body, limber up, and get the metabolism going for the day. Try these moves

5. Drink 16 oz warm water with lemon: 
Water that is about the same temperature as your body is easier for you to process, since your body doesn’t need to use energy to warm it up. Lemon aids in healthy digestion, so it’s great for losing weight and cleansing the liver. It’s also an immunity booster, so make sure you add it to your water. Squeeze the juice of ½ of an organic lemon or 2 drops of therapeutic grade lemon essential oil into 16oz of warm water and enjoy.

6. Get your nutrition on: 
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a time to ensure that you have all the nutrients your body needs. Drinking a protein/green shake along with a healthy side of whole wheat toast will cover all your nutritional bases. Finish it all off with vitamins and 1 drop of therapeutic grade frankincense essential oil under your tongue to support healthy cellular function.  

7. Plan your Day: 
Take 10-15 mins before you leave to plan your day. Open your calendar and see what you have cooking so that nothing takes you by surprise. This way, you can keep stress at a minimum and sail through your day.

8. And finally: 
Smile and breathe. Your day is gonna be amazing and so are you!