There is always room for one more....introducing homegirl #3 in part II of ready to bail.


Territory presents a narration of what life looks like when the homegirls decide to abandon the pressures and chaos of society, and take up an unconventional lifestyle. Gathering all they need to bail, they freely play house in the decay of a fantasy wasteland. The impulsive senses of youth; a confident melange of vibrant colors; a mix of eras; and a playful lineup of prints and textures set the tone for an eccentric, carefree, and curious playground.

photography: puspa lohmeyer
creative direction: sydney ballesteros/puspa lohmeyer
styling: sydney ballesteros
assistant: roman kihl
hair: heggy gonzalez ely sanudo (aveda)
anne skubis brad l. van dyke (aveda)
talent: bailey
olivaskailyn healymegan russell (arizona model management)
wardrobe collaborations: southwest vintagebuffalo exchangerazzle dazzle vintage

Photographed in Arizona on location at the Casa Grande Dome site.

*This post and its original content first appeared on Territory Magazine