Salmon Altered 3 Ways | A Special Installment of Three Square Meals by Guest Chef: Eric Cox

Eric Cox is painter, sculptor, and muralist. Recently a transplant from San Diego to Tucson, we are extremely fortunate to have this diverse and gifted artist in the Old Pueblo. Eric's dishes for this week's 3 Square Meals offers a unique perspective between the connection of food and artistic skill.  

"I create art and I see art in everything. To work on a piece, is to have a constant spawn of ideas with no second guessing or “testing the waters” with sketches. Images begin to form after seconds, minutes and hours of overworking a line until its perfect… it’s never perfect. The point or drive behind many of my pieces is unknown to me. On any given day, I can be struck to feel one thing, then in the next second that thought is lost to me.  For Territory Magazine, my process involves merging expressions with a free flowing technique based on the perception that we are all diverse creatures."

photo: sydney ballesteros

photo: sydney ballesteros


Creamy egg | smoked salmon petals | sweet lemon mustard drizzle

Medium boiled egg

Smoked salmon

Fresh dill


Lemon slices


Lemon curd, olive oil, mustard powder, yellow mustard, pinch of salt


Boil egg 5-6 minutes peel and wrap with smoked salmon starting with smaller petals layering, then to larger pedals.

Mix lemon curd, olive oil, and mustard powder with a tablespoon of mustard and a pinch of salt to create the perfect consistency.

photo: sydney ballesteros

photo: sydney ballesteros


Zesty lemon smoked Salmon | masa cakes | fire roasted peppers

Masa cakes

Crème fraîche

Citrus marinated smoked salmon

Fire roasted sweet peppers

Fire roasted shishito peppers

Sautéed gold pearl onions

Micro cilantro

House pickled shishito pepper


Season Masa with salt, roasted cumin, pepper, and lime juice. Gently press with tortilla press.  Marinate Smoked salmon in olive oil and lemon juice for 30 mins. Sautee pearl onions in olive oil and flame roast peppers.  Spread Crème fraîche on warm masa cake then layer with peppers. Thin slice the salmon and roll gently.

photo: sydney ballesteros

photo: sydney ballesteros


Beer marinated rainbow trout stuffed with crispy pancetta | lime cilantro emulsion | salmon dust

Rainbow trout

Crispy pancetta

Fresh dill

Black lava salt

Lemon and lime slices

Salmon dust

Braided house pickled asparagus

Lime cilantro emulsion –


Beer, olive oil, fresh lime juice, soy sauce, salt, pepper

Instructions ------

For salmon dust- Freeze smoked salmon and micro plane onto parchment paper. Slow cook until crispy  on lowest oven temperature.

Combine olive oil, lime, tablespoon of soy sauce, salt, pepper, and beer with cleaned trout and marinate for 2 hours.   Bake pancetta until crispy. Pan sear rainbow trout on medium high heat then remove and stuff with lemon, lime, dill, and pancetta.  

For emulsion- combine lime juice, cilantro, olive, oil and 2 egg yolks and blend until smooth.

"With All Things and In All Things, We Are Relatives" By: Eric Cox

"With All Things and In All Things, We Are Relatives" By: Eric Cox

menu: eric cox / writing: erin cox / photography: sydney ballesteros

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