Graphic Designer, bohemian spirit, and horse woman Jan Borunda takes us into her lovely oasis, and answers all of our most wanted to know questions about her inspirations, life, and space in the comfort of her little desert haven. 

T: First off, what are few things that inspire you the most about living in the southwest? 

J: I love living in Tucson, and my house feels like a sanctuary to me. Being a freelance graphic designer here, I have the freedom to work from home often, so it’s important to me to have beauty around me. When I need to get out of the house, I enjoy working from several amazing independent coffee shops around town… Exo, Presta, Cafe Passe

J: I also love to travel around the southwest, and every summer I end up in Taos, NM. It feels like my second home. It’s nice to escape the summer heat, and a days drive to another landscape and climate within the southwest, sends me hiking in the mountains and to soak in the surrounding hot springs. These things make the summers feel special to me. I also get to spend time with horses, my passion. I love natural horsemanship training and enjoy developing relationships with horses. And of course I love all animals!

J: Another passion of mine is keeping things natural. I make my own toothpaste, lotion, and try to keep all chemicals out of my house. Being vegan, I’m an avid cook. Nutrition is important to me, and I’m always looking at new research and understandings of how I can improve my health. I love feeling good, and living this way has been fun and liberating! The desert is a constant place of healing and inspiration.

T: Coffee or tea in the morning?

J: Tea! I gave up coffee a few years ago, it was brutal.

T: In a past life we may have found you where?

J: Probably Ireland (I do have red hair), riding horses in the countryside.

T: Ocean breeze, desert sun, or northwest rain? 

J: Desert sun, I love my Tucson.

T: Country roads or city life?

J: 100% country roads.

T: What’s on the record player?

J: Foreigner :)

T: Favorite flower?

J: Wildflower.

T: Your main ingredient?

J: Potatoes!

T: Marble or wood?

J: Wood, natural and unadorned.

T: Treasured childhood meal?

J: Roast beef! It’s funny to me, now that I’m vegan.

T: Signature scent?

J: La Curie’s Faunus (made right here in Tucson!).

T: Sweet or savory?

J: Saaaavory.

T: Prized family heirloom?

J: My collection of Christmas ornaments. My mother has given me one every year since I was a toddler, and I have… quite a few!

T: What’s on the coffee table?

J: Territory of course!

T: Linen or silk?

J: Silk!

T: Last supper?

J: Mashed potatoes, broccoli, homemade sauerkraut.

And that's a wrap, now I think we would have to agree, that indulging in some potatoes sounds really good! We loved sitting down with Jan and making ourselves at home in her sweet casita, and we can't wait to follow her on her travels through New Mexico this summer, sounds like a good plan to us!

photography: meredith amadee